Whole Milk & Olive Oil Castile Soap

by Raroa Gully


Creamy and smooth, this soap is handmade with fresh raw whole milk and locally grown and produced olive oil.

The milk used in Raroa Gully’s soap is sourced fresh from cows living in the Horowhenua. It is full cream and has not undergone the permeate process.

Combined with extra virgin olive oil from olives grown in the Wairarapa, this is a pure, simple, gentle yet very decadent bar.

Olive oil has been proven to contain powerful polyphenols (an antioxidant), anti-inflammatories and vitamin E. The oleic oil in olive oil produces a soap that cleanses gently enough to avoid irritating most sensitive skin, while moisturising at the same time.

100g. Comes in an individual recyclable cardboard box.

Ingredients: Olive oil, unpasteurised whole milk, sodium hydroxide.