Red Wine & Meadowfoam Face + Body Soap

by Studio Star


This rich dark-red face & body soap is handmade in Amberley, North Canterbury, with organic red wine, gently exfoliating black walnut husk and moisturising meadowfoam oil. 

Sourced from local winery Black Estate, the organic red wine acts as an antioxidant and creates a creamy lather while the black walnut husk powder offers a gentle exfoliant for your skin. Essential oils of sandalwood, frankincense and pine ensure an intoxicating (though not literally) experience.

A gentle exfoliant soap for all skin types.

100g, comes in cardboard box.

Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, organic red wine, cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide, purified water, shea butter, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, meadowfoam oil, wheat germ oil, black walnut husk powder, sandalwood, frankincense and pine essential oils.