Tāne Ceramics

I work in my home studio in Te Awamutu. I'm surrounded by three beautiful maunga - Pirongia, Maungatautari and Kakepuku. Working and living in a small town has the advantage of fostering a slower lifestyle, in the home and beyond. I am very grateful to live here. 

The majority of my work is functional-ware. I love vibrant glazes and surface embellishment in addition to earthy and subdued decorative tones. My main inspiration is art deco and modernist design - most of my pieces centre around the sculptural elements of functional-ware. I started attending open studio sessions at my local potter's society in 2018 and have been obsessed with clay ever since. Having no formal training, my work is constantly evolving and developing. 

In pottery (particularly for an untrained potter like myself) there are often unexpected results, as there are so many variables in each technique and process. Even though this can sometimes be devastating, it remains my favourite aspect of the craft in that each piece of work is unique and original. - Claire Tāne

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