Ceramic Coffee Cup

by Steiner Ceramics


Part of the functional, hand-crafted tableware range by celebrated New Zealand designer, Bob Steiner.

Inspired by going back to basics, Steiner’s tableware is bold in its clean forms and tactile finishes that demands to be touched. With a strong focus on New Zealand’s food culture, the range offers a striking, hand-crafted canvas for memorable meal presentation. Steiner Ceramics have featured at many of New Zealand’s top eateries including Azabu, Euro, Ebisu, Ostro, Meredith’s, Orphan’s Kitchen and more.

Made using a porcelain clay recipe and firing process unique to Steiner Ceramics, each piece is composed of a dense, durable body and pure white quality, ensuring a notably sharp colour response once glazed. The Steiner Matte glaze is a one-of-a-kind recipe created to guarantee scratch resistance and increase durability.

Available in Matte White or Matte Black, this generously sized handmade ceramic cup is part of a signature Steiner Ceramics tea set featuring distinctively Art Deco-inspired detailing.

Please note each cup is made by hand so shape, size and glaze is unique and may vary slightly. 

Measures 120mm wide, 70mm high, 110mm deep.

Dishwasher safe but please handle and store with care to extend the longevity of your ceramics.