Poet Botanicals

I live in Island Bay, which is on the south coast of Wellington. I love that the beach is not far from home and Island Bay has a nice relaxed feel to it with a great sense of community.

I make natural products for the home and body that serve to inspire daily rituals that support our wellbeing. The range includes aromatherapy candles, perfume, face and body oils, bath salts, facial mists - the collection is constantly growing at the moment. My particular focus is to use essential oils with therapeutic qualities rather than fragrance.

I decided to study naturopathy while on maternity leave with my second child. During that time I lost a member of our family and a dear friend gave me a candle. The candle became a small ritual that I did each day during that difficult time and I really benefited from its company through the grieving process. That experience stayed with me. 

I was already making natural products to use in my home but couldn't find any candles that weren't heavily scented with fragrance, so I started making my own and it went from there and eventually I started developing other products. Poet really is an expression of my passion for natural health and wellbeing combined with my love for design.

I'm a design school drop-out who went on to spend many years working in film, advertising and design before deciding to take a massive leap of faith and chase my dreams to study naturopathy and start my own business.

My favourite thing about what I do is the community I've found within small businesses around New Zealand. The connections I've made with other makers, primarily through Instagram and other women in small business here in Wellington who have really supported my journey. These relationships feel very authentic which is important to me, and so rewarding. - Melanie Morris, Poet founder

There are currently no products in this collection.