Sake Kasu Face Mask

by Hana Akari


Handmade in Wellington using sake lees from Zenkuro sake brewery in Queenstown, this beautiful rinse-off face mask provides intense rejuvenation, brightening and anti-ageing for skin.

Key ingredients in sake kasu include:

Kojic acid: Clinically proven to help lighten discolouring and has anti-ageing properties. Reduces melanin production.

Amino acids: Enhances skin tone and texture by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin B: Helps regenerate the skin, hydrates skin and reduces inflammation associated with redness and breakouts.

Contains no sulphates, parabens, silicon, phthalates or animal ingredients.

65g glass jar.

Ingredients: Sake kasu (sake lees), yuzu essential oil, bentonite clay, calcium, French white clay.

Keep refrigerated for best results.