Kirihimete Black Spruce & Pine Candle

by Poet Botanicals


Not just for Christmas, this beautiful hand-poured candle will ensure you're in a fresh, festive mood all year round.

Made with clean-burning coconut wax and scented with therapeutic essential oil blends, Poet candles are consciously designed to encourage daily rituals and to support your wellbeing.

Kirihimete is beautiful blend of fresh black spruce and pine that smells just like a Christmas tree.

Black spruce is a restorative oil, good for stressful times and mental exhaustion, whil pine is refreshing, stimulating and of course - it's a Christmas tree! 

100ml amber glass jar candle with lid.

Ingredients: Coconut wax, essential oil blend of black spruce (Picea Mariana) and pine (Pinus sylvestris).