Kinfolk Magazine Issue 37

by Kinfolk

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The importance of nature for both our personal wellbeing and global prosperity has never been clearer. With a cautious return to the great outdoors now on our shared horizon, Kinfolk Issue 37 heeds the enticing call of the wild.

Flower ArrangingIn her Parisian atelier, Miyoko Yasumoto makes an unfrivolous case for floristry.

Haatepah ClearbearFirst, Haatepah Clearbear learned about his past. Now the young model is using that knowledge to advocate for Native American futures - and the planet.

Ron FinleyAn exclusive excerpt from forthcoming book, The Kinfolk Garden.

Rock SteadyA breath of fresh air amid the ancient Stone Forest of southwestern China.

Rendered Impossible Those who can only dream of the great outdoors may as well have some fun while doing it.

Material Girl The most interesting people, stories and haircuts all have layers. This fall, so does your wardrobe.

Mona Chalabi On sending spreadsheets viral.

Wild Thoughts / On the nature of nature writing.

Vizcaya Gardens / A garden once dismissed as a stylistic mishmash now conjures nostalgia for an impossible place.

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