Detox Morning Daily Wellness Tea

by Storm + India


Storm + India Detox Morning tea is made from certified organic ingredients from European and Chinese tea gardens. Refreshing and invigorating, it’s full of plant-based goodness to support your daily wellness ritual. Earthy green tea, zesty lemongrass, and orange peel kissed by warming spice to uplift and revitalise your day.

Your body has its own detoxification systems in place, but the pressure on these systems from modern life can be overwhelming. Pollution, medication, pesticides, alcohol and a poor diet can put a strain on these systems. A struggling detoxification system will often appear as fatigue, high cholesterol, PMS or acne. Morning Detox has been formulated with herbs and spices which natural support and improve your body's own detoxification processes.

Coriander supports liver detoxification by improving blood circulation, and increasing the production of detoxification enzymes.

Nettle contains high levels of the green pigment chlorophyll which binds to heavy metals and carcinogens and transports them out of the body.

Green tea is an antioxidant-rich plant, with a gentle caffeine effect – a perfect combination for the morning.

Cloves, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon work together to boost your digestive fire which improves overall digestion. Proper digestion is an important part of maintaining healthy detoxification pathways.

Storm & India modern tea tins were created to keep the organic loose leaf tea fresh and retain its aromatic flavour. The sustainable food grade tea tin has been designed with two lids to protect the tea from light, air and humidity. The tea tins are packed in recycled cardboard boxes printed with plant-based inks.

BioGro New Zealand certified organic / vegan / plant-based


Ingredients: coriander*, nana mint*, nettle leaves*, lemongrass*, apple bits*, cinnamon*, ginger bits*, green tea*, orange peel*, cloves*, cardamom*

*Certified organic

Contains caffeine.